White teeth through home remedies


Home remedies are discussed and advertised in numerous magazines and internet portals, which should lead to white teeth with regular use. It should be noted that some of these supposed miracle drugs can seriously damage the tooth.

Home Remedies That Actually Help

White teeth from coconut oil

Oil pulling is a method used to whiten teeth. Furthermore, the oil is one of the very successful natural accompanying therapies in the treatment of periodontitis or gingivitis. The oil is said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory (= anti-inflammatory) properties. The best thing to do in the morning on an empty stomach is to put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and start rinsing it with the oil.

You pull the oil through your teeth (= oil pulling) and keep it moving for about 15 minutes. It is very important not to swallow the oil. The oil then emulsifies to form a whitish liquid, which can then be discarded in a paper towel to avoid clogging the drain. You can then brush your teeth to get rid of the unpleasant taste. In order not to damage the tooth enamel, the oil should never be mixed with baking powder or similar. Mix. However, oil pulling itself is harmless to the enamel and can also take care of the gums at the same time.

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White teeth from turmeric

Another home remedy for teeth whitening is turmeric. The turmeric root comes from the ginger family and is actually known for its yellow coloration in foods such as rice. You can chew a piece of raw turmeric root for several minutes or use turmeric powder and water to create a paste that you can use to brush your teeth. In addition, turmeric is considered a remedy for inflammation and swelling in the mouth. It should also have an antibacterial effect and consequently improve dental health.

Home Remedies That Don't Help

Lemon juice

Lemon juice should never be used as a home remedy for teeth whitening!

In many magazines, lemon juice is considered a miracle cure for tooth discoloration. Indeed, brushing your teeth regularly with lemon juice is a fairly effective way to significantly lighten tooth color. When using this home remedy, however, it should be noted that lemon juice is a so-called natural acid that attacks the surface of the tooth, roughening it and creating the smallest niches of dirt.

In the long run, this damaging influence can even lead to the tooth enamel being irreparably damaged and some teeth having to be filled with a tooth for this reason.

baking powder

Baking powder is also in no way suitable as a home remedy for teeth whitening!

It is factually correct that baking soda can ensure white teeth when used inside the oral cavity, but it does so via a grinding (abrasive) effect. According to this, baking soda causes nothing other than excessive wear on the tooth substance and for this reason has an extremely negative influence on dental health.

With frequent use, this abrasive effect even leads to the creation of micro-cracks and artificially created dirt niches, so that new paint particles can be deposited much more easily. As a result, discoloration even increases in the long term.

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Strawberries as home remedies are also not suitable as home remedies for teeth whitening!

Before use, the fruit should be made into a viscous paste and then applied to the surface of the tooth. Similar to the use of lemons, applying the strawberry paste also carries considerable risks. Both fruits contain so-called natural acids, which can have a negative effect on the structure of the tooth enamel.

In addition, when cleaning your teeth with strawberry paste, there is a risk that the small seeds of the fruit will get under the gumline, settle there and lead to the development of inflammatory processes. In addition, it should be noted that the strawberry itself has an enormous amount of color particles that can lead to new discoloration. I.