How do i get thin?


How do i get thin? - There are as many answers to this question as there are different people. Obesity due to the lack of exercise that is widespread in today's lifestyle and excessive calorie intake is a multifaceted problem.
When it comes to finding a way to lose weight healthily and as permanently as possible, everyone has to think for themselves which way is best for them. There are repeated reports of supposed miracle diets or the ultimate aid, but in the end they can't change one simple fact: the only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you use.

If it helps you to avoid certain foods altogether, or to consume more of a certain nutrient group, you can do that. Even if you want to change your eating habits as little as possible and prefer to do more sport, you can lose weight with it.
Last but not least, there is now an enormous market for drugs, nutritional supplements or diet products that are supposed to make it easier to lose weight. However, just like the often touted lightning diets, these remedies should be used with caution.

The most promising is to change your diet permanently. But the cuts should not be so serious that after the euphoria of the first few days you break off the whole thing because you renounce almost everything. In addition, radical diets carry the risk of deficiency symptoms.
No matter what your own approach ultimately looks like, it should be designed in such a way that it can be implemented over a longer period of time.

If it helps, organized groups, such as the Weightwatchers®, can help keep you on the ball. Your partner or good friends can also help you to put your own plans into practice in the long term.
If you have the feeling that you often eat in stressful situations or to cope with frustration and grief, it can make sense to take a closer look at the psychological background. Depending on how severe the problems are, coaching can improve living conditions or psychotherapy can deal with problems. In most cases, a change in diet is then much easier.

Regardless of the reasons for starting a diet, a change in diet is usually beneficial for your health.

How do I get thin with exercise?

Sports such as jogging, swimming or cycling are particularly suitable

Exercise is a great addition to any weight loss plan. As long as you are physically able to do so, of course. Whether you want to lose weight for health reasons, or whether you are wondering how do I get thin to look like celebrity XY, exercise contributes to success. Exercise increases the body's consumption of calories.
This means that you don't have to restrict yourself so much when it comes to eating, which increases the chances of maintaining the change in diet in the long term. For this it is not absolutely necessary to have targeted training units. Integrating physical activity into everyday life also has clear positive effects.
This can be achieved, for example, by using the stairs instead of the elevator or going to work or to the supermarket on foot or by bike instead of driving.

Another side effect of sport is the sense of achievement it generates. At the beginning of a diet you lose weight much faster if you combine the whole thing with exercise. Endurance sports such as jogging, walking, swimming or cycling are particularly suitable for this.
Above all, you should choose the sport at your own discretion. It's better to burn a little fewer calories per training session, but stay tuned.
In addition to weight loss, you also generally feel fitter and healthier after training, which can greatly improve motivation for both sport and a change in diet.

If you want to lose weight primarily for aesthetic or aesthetic reasons, you can do strength training or other more body-shaping sports in addition to endurance sports. This makes the body appear leaner and less limp faster.
This also gives you the feeling of having an effect much faster. Aside from the specific considerations on how to get thin, exercise has so many positive effects on the body and the prevention of many diseases that it is generally beneficial for health.

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How do I get thin without exercising?

The food pyramid provides a good overview of "good" and "bad" foods

Despite the diverse effects of exercise as part of a diet, it is of course possible to lose weight without exercise (see: Weight loss without exercise). However, in this case you have to pay particular attention to your diet. Since there is no way to increase your calorie consumption, the only measure you can take is to lower your calorie intake.
There are many options as part of this diet change. If it helps to have a very fixed schedule, you can resort to ready-made diet plans. However, since it is usually specified exactly what you can eat with which meal, these sometimes severely restrict everyday life.
If you stick to the plan, you don't have to think much about what you can and cannot do.

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Radical diets in which you only eat eggs, potatoes or the like should be avoided. The so-called Mediterranean diet is currently considered to be the healthiest way of eating. Exact cookbooks and information material are available from advice centers or from your general practitioner.

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Fruits and vegetables play a major role in the current recommendations. Since both contain few calories but many important vitamins, you can hardly eat enough of them. Meat and fish should be consumed to a lesser extent.
Whenever possible, you should avoid white flour products and, of course, everything that contains a lot of sugar.
The old assumption that fat makes you fat has been refuted. However, in the area of ​​fats, it is advisable to consume polyunsaturated fatty acids, as they are e.g. occur in vegetable oils or in fish or nuts. Saturated fats and especially trans fats, which are often found in deep-frying fat, should be avoided.
These recommendations are very clearly presented in the nutrition pyramids, which are often also available from health insurance companies.

Based on these general rules, you can then put together a plan based on your individual preferences. There are also many cookbooks with good recipes that give an approximate amount of calories in the dishes. If you want, you can determine your own daily calorie requirement or read the approximate value from tables.
In the long term, however, you should try to develop a feeling for how much you can eat in order to lose weight or not gain weight. If you already have a balanced and healthy diet, but simply eat too much, you can also start eating a little less with each meal than before. It doesn't have to be just half of it.

It is also important to look at your own habits. Many people ingest relatively large amounts of calories in a form that they do not even notice. All sweetened drinks are very treacherous in this context. Even the wellness or balance drinks that are now frequently advertised still contain a lot of sugar, not to mention soft drinks and juices.
Salads also often suggest that they are healthy and low-calorie dishes. Due to the sauces and other ingredients, however, they can often easily keep up with other main dishes.

Overall, a diet can only be a little more tedious and possibly start a little slower with the help of the change in diet. But if you have managed to change your eating habits and identify calorie traps in everyday life, the success is usually long-lasting.

How do I get thin with medication?

Also appear again and again in advertising alleged miracle pills that promise quick success. Most of these agents work by reducing the fat ingested with food Intestines is bound and thus eliminated again.
Another approach is supposed to Feeling hungry directly in brain block and thus that Lose weight facilitate. As in all areas, however, these miracle cures are also very popular Attention to enjoy.

If anything, drug-only diet attempts should be made together with the family doctor be planned. The Side effects the resources are often little researched and unmanageable. The risk is disproportionate to the benefit.

Above all, ordering such funds from the Internet on your own involves many hazards. With these cheap offers, it is often not even clear which one Active ingredient is hidden in the tablets. Other often herbal remedies, like Green tea or chilli extracts, should the Increase the body's basal metabolic rate. The effect is here, if at all, but not in relation to the price.

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Diet concepts

During therapeutic fasting, only fluids are given for a few days

In addition to radical diets, there are a number of concepts for getting thinner, in which certain foods are completely eliminated from your menu. Concepts that restrict the carbohydrate intake and instead focus on meat and fish are very much in vogue. Classically, this includes the low carb diet, the Atkins diet or the Strunz diet.
But the so-called paleo diet, which is based on the life model of the Stone Age, belongs to this group.

There are certainly reports of successful and, above all, relatively quick weight loss with these methods. However, it is not entirely clear to what extent the increased protein intake affects the kidneys and the body in general.
In this respect, a very meat-based diet change should best be discussed with your family doctor. In addition, many report a deterioration in general mood from avoiding carbohydrates. This makes sense because when the body absorbs carbohydrates, it releases endorphins and carbohydrates actually make you happy for a short time.

Another method is e.g. the food combining, in which the large food groups should only be eaten in certain constellations. But whether this really leads to faster weight loss successes is rather questionable. An example of a food combining diet is the car diet, in which the intake of carbohydrates and fats is divided between the main meals and at the same time prevents food cravings by introducing snacks between meals.

As mentioned above, the choice of ready-made diet concepts is almost unlimited. Overall, a balanced diet that is permanently changed is more likely to be recommended.

How do I get thin in a week?

Magazines in particular like to advertise that the advertised diet is within a week terrific success shows. Of course, it is also possible to lose weight in a week. Most of the time, however, it is primarily one drainage and the weight loss keeps going through the so-called Jojo effect not long on.
However, if you really want to lose weight within a week, it is important to make sure that you also during this time adequately supplied with nutrients is. Generally speaking, this form of weight loss is very quick stressful for the body and therefore not suitable for everyone.

The approaches to losing weight quickly are also diverse here. For example, you can eat a meal completely Diet shakes or fruit replace, even fixed diet plans can be adhered to for a week.
It's a very unique way Therapeutic fasting. One takes after an introductory detox phase only liquids to himself. This is also accompanied by weight loss, but here too, above all, water is excreted. When fasting, however, you should first consult a doctor.

As mentioned, the effect of a week-long lightning diet is usually not much longer than that diet self.In this respect, a long-term change in diet is more advisable. However, if you want to see success quickly as a motivational aid, a one-week radical diet can also be used as a Started to make a long-term transition.

How do I get thin like a model?

Even if the often advertised model diets promise something different: Models usually keep a very strict one Sport and diet plan one to keep her figure.
For a good figure, in addition to nutrition, a good workout is crucial and of course a sufficient one Self-discipline.
Of course, health should never be neglected in pursuing an ideal of beauty.