Tribulus Terrestris ingestion


Tribulus Terrestris will also be Earth root thorn called and is a plant found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia and Southern Europe occurs. For athletes especially the extract is the plant interesting because the saponins it contains exert a positive influence on the testosteroneProduction from.

In the Ingestion of Tribulus Terrestris vary the information is easy because every athlete reacts differently. Some athletes get by with two capsules per day, others need four capsules to be effective. The capsules should usually be with the individual meals be taken. Depending on the number of capsules to be taken per day, a fourth capsule can then be taken between lunch and dinner.

Alternatively, use a general recommendation two capsules a day Interesting. The capsules should best be opened in the morning sober Stomach, with enough water, be taken. Who on Mass building sets that should for the time adequate protein to take in. We recommend 1.5 - 2 grams per kg body weight.

In addition to the number of capsules, the Saponin content in taking an important role. Here differ the capsules are sometimes very strong. Some capsules only contain 20 percent Saponins, others up to 80 percent. The higher the saponin content, the fewer capsules you should take.

General rules

In addition, it is recommended to take Tribulus Terrestris in the form of a cure. That means that you always have one Intake phase (e.g. three capsules per day for six weeks) and one Break / Has interruption phase. This is important because the long-term consumption of saponins Testosterone levels can lift in the long term. To prevent this effect, you should always take a break after a cure so that the testosterone level has the opportunity to normalize.

When dividing the intake period and the break, you can change the duration individually as long as you plan your break sufficiently long. E.g. you can take the capsules for three months and then take a break for the following three months.

Many athletes take Tribulus Terrestris because they are convinced that it is a side effect-free anabolic steroid substitute. However, this is not entirely true and you should pay attention to a few things and definitely inform yourself about the exact modes of action before taking. Tribulus Terrestris stimulates the production of certain hormoneswhich, in turn, the body's production of testosterone crank. Finally increases thereby the Testosterone levels in the blood.

Above all, the hope of building more muscle mass through the increased testosterone content motivates many athletes to take Tribulus Terrestris. However, this is not entirely true. Testosterone actually only has one thing in common with Tribulus Terrestris, because both substances lead to one positive doping test.

This means that the agent is in Germany free for sale. The active ingredient is in Tablets pressed and also taken in this form. While taking it, you should make sure to continue to eat normally and not to miss anything. Endurance sports and regular regeneration phases should also be part of it. With the concentration of the tablets the dosage goes from 1200 mg to 200 mg per pill. However, the recommended amount is set at 1200 mg per day.

The capsules should be taken regularly with a glass water be taken.

To date, no study has been carried out on the long-term side effects. So you should inform yourself well about the active ingredient saponin before taking it and consider whether the risks and possible successes are worth taking.

In general, when it comes to taking nutritional supplements such as Tribulus Terrestris, every athlete should consider whether they really need this product. A healthy and balanced diet can do a lot to build muscle. In addition, you should not exceed the specified maximum amounts, as this agent is no substitute for a balanced diet.