Plucking the eyebrows


Similar to the eyelashes, the eyebrows have a protective function in that they protect the eyes from sweat and moisture.
They are also very important in the area of ​​facial expressions, clarify facial expressions and moods. For example, the eyebrows are pulled up when amazed, which reinforces and underlines the typical “opening up” of the eyes.

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The eyebrows play an underrated and enormous role in Face recognition of people. In an experiment, for example, pictures of well-known personalities were shown whose eyebrows had been removed by image processing, which reduced the recognition value of the celebrities by 50 percent.

The eyebrows also have one aesthetic aspect and are often brought into shape by plucking with tweezers in order to come close to the respective ideal image, which differs according to fashion and culture.

Pluck eyebrows with the thread

Plucking your eyebrows with one thread is a very precise method that can be used as an alternative to the usual method with tweezers. She has hers Origin in the Arab region.
A great advantage of plucking with the thread is that accuracythat can be used to shape the eyebrows. You get much finer hairs than you would with tweezers.

As with the thread within a pluck several hairs can be removed at the same time, plucking the eyebrows with the thread takes much less time than with the tweezers. If you master the technique of plucking with the thread, the pain is also described as less severe than with the tweezers.
One would like straight shapes when plucking eyebrows the method with the thread is particularly suitable, since only hair that lies on a straight line can be removed in one go.

A disadvantage When plucking the eyebrows with the thread, the danger is within one plucking process remove more hair than desired. This method also requires some practice.

Instructions for plucking eyebrows with the thread

For this one takes approximately 40 centimeters of a threadthat shouldn't tear, for example yarn. Its ends must be knotted together and the resulting thread circle should then be between the right and left hand be stretched. While one hand remains in its position and holds the thread under tension, the other turns several times so that the thread twists in the middle between the hands and an hourglass-shaped figure is createdone end of which is to be stretched between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand and the other between that of the right hand. If you now enlarge one end of this formation by spreading your fingers, the other triangular area becomes correspondingly smaller. Now you put the tip of one triangle on the desired one hair and spreads the fingers on the other side, narrowing the side where the hair is and thus pulling it out.

So if the hair, for example grows to the right, start with the thread in the narrow corner of the left triangle and spread the fingers of the right hand so that the hair contrary to its direction of growth is plucked. Videos with instructions can be found on the Internet.

Instructions for plucking eyebrows with tweezers

The eyebrow plucking should after showering with warm water take place because here the skin is clean and the pores are wide. As a tool you should have a Tweezers with an angled end preferably use as these are good for gripping individuals hair suitable is. Before plucking you should use the natural shape of the brow and then just pluck them correctively. One works best only on the lower edge of the eyebrowsbecause when plucking at the upper edge, an impression that is too thinned out can quickly arise.

For plucking the skin is stretched around the hair to be plucked between two fingers, grab the hair close to its root with the tweezers and then pull it quickly in its direction of growth out. After you have finished plucking, you should leave your eyebrows alone, as the mechanically stressed skin needs regeneration time.

Template for plucking eyebrows

As an aid to determining the shape of the eyebrows when plucking, you can use a template work. There are various forms of stencils that depending on personal preference, face and existing eyebrow shape can be selected. Templates can either be in a Drugstore or you can often find the desired eyebrow shape as a template on the Internet and print it out.

A stencil is placed on the eyebrow and pressed on it so that it does not slip. Then all the hair that grows outside the template is plucked out and the eyebrow resembles the shape given by the template.

There is also different materials under the stencils. In addition to the variant paper, which can usually only be used once, is also available from the template plastic.
The advantage here is that the template can be used several times.

In addition to the plastic template, there is also a model wax. Similar to waxing the leg hair, there is a pre-waxed template Adhesive tapethat is applied to the eyebrows. When removing this stencil, the hair to which the wax sticks is pulled out and only those that grow within the given stencil shape remain.

Plucking eyebrows in men

Plucking your eyebrows is no longer just a woman's affair.
In general, it is also recommended for men, only from the bottom to pluck the brow.
But since men by nature usually have thicker and bushier eyebrows than women, plucking the lower edge of the brow is often not enough.

In this case, too at the top of the eyebrow be plucked what by one moistened comb can be facilitated.
By stroking this against the direction of hair growth through the eyebrow, the hair is isolated and it is easier to notice particularly long hair, which is then with a small scissors can also be shortened in the middle of the eyebrow, or hair that is too far removed from the natural shape of the brow and can then be plucked with tweezers.

Possible consequences of plucking eyebrows

Usually the plucking of the eyebrows runs except for brief pain without any complications now and then hair grow genetically differently fast again after.
However, after plucking several times in the same place, the hair may no longer grow back there or only grow back sparingly.

Immediately after plucking, the mechanical stress of the skin when tearing the hair to theirs irritation come, causing them to swell, redden and painful.

Pluck eyebrows without pain

Plucking your eyebrows is commonly known to be painful. There are a number of measures that can be taken to relieve this pain or avoid it as much as possible. So it is helpful to the eyebrows to pluck after showeringwhen the pores of the skin are open and do not grip the hair quite as tightly. If you are very sensitive to pain you can Eyebrow also a few seconds before plucking cool with an ice cubeso that it becomes less sensitive to pain. The less hair is plucked, the less pain there is. Hence, pain can be avoided by looking at the desired shape of the eyebrows closely oriented to their natural growthso that only a few hairs remain to be corrected.

When plucking, one can reduce pain by touching the skin holding tension between two fingers and swiftly is working. By plucking in the direction of the hair's growth direction the skin surface is damaged as little as possible, which also reduces the pain. That is also particularly important hygiene.
So the skin of the eyebrow and the tweezers should be cleanto possible Prevent inflammation. After plucking, the eyebrow should be left alone, because despite all the measures taken to protect the skin, it has small injuries that it now has to regenerate.

Plucking eyebrows in Islam

In Islam, the removal of hair from the face, for cosmetic reasons, and thus also the plucking of the eyebrows is not permitted and is called "haram“(Prohibited) viewed. This is based on the justification that man should not intervene in the creation of Allah.

Rigorous doctrines, therefore, hold that a woman must not remove any hair from her face except for a beard.

However, there are accommodating interpretations that allow hair that grows between the eyebrows to be removed, since it is to be regarded as a defect and therefore its removal is not treated as haram.

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