Antra® is the name of a preparation from Bayer and belongs to the group of so-called gastric acid blockers or proton pump inhibitors. The active ingredient in the preparation is omeprazole. There are different amounts of the main active ingredient omeprazole: 10mg, 20mg or 40mg per capsule or tablet. The strengths of 10mg or 20mg per capsule or tablet are available in pharmacies without a prescription.


Antra® becomes Inhibition of gastric acid production used. Normally there is a balance of different fluids on the inside of the stomach lining. On one side there is aggressive stomach acid, from hydrochloric acid and which the body needs to digest food so that it can then be used by the body in the intestine. Since the stomach acid would also digest your own stomach wall, the acid stands on the other side protective gastric fluids to prevent this self-digestion. Since acids can best be neutralized with basic liquids, this consists of a lot of bicarbonate-containing liquid, a Lye. This balance enables the food components to be properly digested while protecting the gastric lining on the inside of the stomach. If this balance gets out of hand, i.e. if too much stomach acid or too little protective bicarbonate mucus is formed, the hydrochloric acid becomes overweight and can attack the stomach wall. To prevent this, you can use the Stomach acid blockers prevent the formation of hydrochloric acid in order to restore the balance. There are several preparations for the gastric acid blockage, of which the proton pump inhibitors such as Antra® are the most effective. In contrast to the other preparations, they directly block a special structure on the cells of the gastric mucosa, the proton pumps, which are absolutely necessary for hydrochloric acid production. Preparations such as ranitidine or cimetidine do not do this as effectively as they do not act directly on the production of hydrochloric acid. By reducing gastric acid production through Antra®, the Rise in pH in the stomach and he can be effectively protected from the acid and recover from any damage caused by the acid.

application areas

Due to the effective reduction of gastric acid, the area of ​​application of Antra® results from all changes that one too much acid in the stomach entail.

Above all the classic heartburnif rising acid from the stomach causes a burning sensation in the chest. Here the treatment serves not only to alleviate the symptoms but also to protect the esophagus (=Esophagus), as this does not have a protective layer made of bicarbonate. If left untreated, permanent contact with stomach acid can lead to tissue changes Esophageal cancer to lead. Also the Inflammation of the stomach lining (=gastritis) is treated with proton pump inhibitors such as Antra® as standard. The cause of the gastric mucosal inflammation is one Colonization with the very common germ Helicobacter pylori before, is treated with proton pump inhibitors and antibiotics for several days to drive them out of the stomach. A progressive inflammation of the stomach lining can Ulcers bring forth the classic stomach or Duodenal ulcer With Pain in the upper abdominal region before or after eating. Here too, proton pump inhibitor therapy is the first choice of treatment.

When and how do I take Antra®?

Since Antra® is not yet contained in the capsule in its effective form, it has to be absorbed into the body in the intestines will be around then via the bloodstream to the stomach to get. There it will activated in the gastric mucosa and can only now develop its effect. It cannot act in the stomach immediately after ingestion, but must first take a detour via the bloodstream. For this reason, Antra® needs about one Take with a glass of water half an hour to an hour before mealsso that it reaches your stomach by the time you eat it and can work when you start eating. It is very useful to take it with meals, as the highest production of gastric acid takes place during meals and this is where gastric acid production can be reduced most effectively.

How much and how long do I take Antra®?

The amount and duration of taking Antra® differs depending on the reason why you are taking it. By default, you take 20mg Antra 1X daily® a. This is enough to achieve a sufficient inhibition of acid production. In the case of stomach or duodenal ulcers, this dose is usually taken over 4 or 8 weeks one until the discomfort subsides. Those affected who tend to recurring symptoms can take this dose for months to years to prevent a flare-up. Patients who take drugs that promote the development of ulcers should also take one permanently Proton pump inhibitors for prophylaxis take in. This includes, for example, the permanent intake of cortisone or Pain relievers or anti-inflammatory agents such as diclofenac or ibuprofen and the aspirin, which is also used to thin the blood (=Acetylsalicylic acid). In the treatment of gastric mucosal inflammation caused by the germ Helicobacter pylori, 10 days of intake in combination with antibiotics is sufficient to achieve a cure. If the dose of the morning dose is insufficient, a second dose can be taken in the evening. However, this does not prolong the duration of action of Antra®, but only further increases the pH value in the stomach, which means that even more acid production is prevented. Which dose is the right one for the individual affected should definitely be discussed with a doctor. On your own the preparation should not be taken for more than 2 weekseven if it is available from pharmacies without a prescription. It is not uncommon for initial improvements in symptoms to be observed after taking one capsule, but it must be taken for several days to be fully effective.

Side effects

Are very common Effects on the gastrointestinal tract, because the digestion of food is altered in that digestion in the stomach cannot begin as usual. Various effects can be felt here, from constipation to diarrhea, nausea and vomiting as well as flatulence.

Due to the metabolism in the liver, the Liver valueswhich are determined by default when blood is drawn, change. In most cases, however, these values ​​will decrease again after the end of therapy and only in extremely rare cases can liver inflammation (=hepatitis) occur.

Occasionally, symptoms such as dizziness, headache, fatigue or sleep disorders. However, these symptoms usually improve in the course of therapy and should not lead to immediate discontinuation of use.

Permanent intake is at the moment with one higher risk for Osteoporosis is discussed, in the context of which one suspects an increased rate of hip or vertebral body fractures. Visual and hearing disorders are extremely rare and usually only occur directly in the blood vessels after treatment, i.e. not as a tablet, as part of hospital treatment. If those affected notice these side effects, the doctor treating them should be informed.

When should Antra® not be taken or only with caution?

Antra® is considered to be a very well tolerated preparation.However, you must not take Antra® if you are on omeprazole or other components of the preparation allergic is.

One should at the same time HIV be ill, Antra® must not be used together with the preparation Atazanavir used, which prevents the progression of HIV disease.

Even with a simultaneous liver disease with impaired liver function, Antra® should only be taken with caution and high doses should be avoided. The same goes for kidney disease.

The reason for this is the transformation and detoxification of the body by Antra® by the liver and the excretion of metabolic products by the kidneys.

If one of these organs only functions to a limited extent, Antra® can no longer be broken down and under certain circumstances it can Symptoms of intoxication caused by the accumulation of high doses of the breakdown products, which can further damage the liver and kidneys.

For pregnancy, as for most other medications, also apply to Antra® special conditions.

Since heartburn is often an inevitable part of pregnancy, acid protection is often necessary. Here, however, should natural remedies like teas etc. are given preference first even if the proton pump inhibitors could effectively eliminate the problem. Should medication be necessary anyway, proton pump inhibitors should only be given on medical advice, as undesirable effects on the unborn child are possible.


The breakdown of Antra® in the liver can lead to Drug interactions come. If those affected are taking other medication, a consultation with the doctor is urgently recommended before taking and treatment on your own should be avoided if possible. With some drugs for Suppression of Immune system (=Immunosuppressants), e.g. to Organ transplants, blood tests must be carried out to ensure that there is enough active ingredient in the person's bloodstream.

Another reason for problems with other drugs is the changed acidity of the stomach. Medication like Ketoconazole and Itrooconazole against fungal diseases need this extremely acidic pH of the stomach and they may not work properly when taking Antra®. The drug too Digoxin against Heart disease is changed by the acidity and the level of digoxin in the blood increases. Since even small deviations in the content of this drug have dangerous consequences such as Cardiac arrhythmias very careful control is necessary here.