Abdominal pain while sitting


At stomach pain it is a very general symptom that can be caused by a variety of diseases and causes.
Abdominal pain can occur in different body positions and in different places on the abdomen. For this reason, if there is persistent abdominal pain and pain that is very severe, a thorough diagnostics be performed.

In many cases these are harmless gases (Flatulence, Winds) which are responsible for the pain in the intestine.
However, it may be that the pain is a sign of a serious illness that requires immediate treatment.

Abdominal pain that is exclusively or increased while sitting occur in most cases of Flatulence caused.
Serious illnesses that are accompanied by abdominal pain largely cause pain that occurs regardless of the position.

Another indication that speaks for flatulence as the cause of abdominal pain when sitting is that temporal occurrence of complaints.
So flatulence especially occurs for some time after eating and during the day, while typically there is no abdominal pain after getting up in the morning. Pain caused by flatulence is typically improved by changing position.

However, the cause is not always harmless flatulence.
For example inflammatory bowel disease, Appendicitis, Diseases of the gallbladder or kidneys or a so-called Acute abdomen behind the symptoms.

In order to find out whether a serious illness is the cause of the abdominal pain, a doctor should be consulted, who can carry out a targeted diagnosis. This can be due to the anamnese and description of the localization, severity and type of pain, make a suspected diagnosis and, if necessary, carry out further diagnostics or give the all-clear.

A doctor should be consulted especially if the symptoms persist and if the pain is very severe. In the case of pain that occurs in episodes or a so-called annihilation pain is described, serious illnesses may be the cause behind the complaints.

By imaging diagnostics and subsequent therapy, the cause can be eliminated and the symptoms removed.
In the case of flatulence, a long-term adjustment of the diet and, in an acute state, an abdominal massage and a change of position from sitting to lying and standing can be helpful.

Abdominal pain while sitting and lying down

In most cases of abdominal pain, which occurs while sitting and lying down, the cause is Flatulence.
Typical of pain caused by flatulence, however, is an improvement from one Change of position lying down. An improvement can also be achieved in many cases by turning on your side and on your stomach.

If the symptoms do not improve after a change of position or the symptoms persist for a long time and / or are very severe, a doctor should be consulted for further clarification.

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Pain, which is equally severe when sitting and lying down, and is associated with a significant reduction in quality of life, is suspected of being a sign of a serious illness, which is why further diagnostics should be in the foreground for this type of complaint.

Abdominal pain while sitting and standing

Abdominal pain can occur and present in different ways for a number of different causes. Abdominal pain that occurs while sitting and standing is initially suspected of persisting Flatulence to be evoked. Massive flatulence or a Bottleneck in the bowel these intestinal gases can cause severe pain. It is typical that pain caused by flatulence is felt by a Change of position improve. A change of position to lying on the stomach, on the side or on the back can help to improve the symptoms.

If the complaints that occur both while sitting and lying down are very severe or persist for a longer period of time, a visit to the doctor is recommended for further clarification. With the help of further diagnostics, he can find the cause of the complaints and initiate appropriate therapy. Even with existing flatulence, a Diet change or other therapy options help to improve the symptoms.

Sudden improvement in stomach pain

Abdominal pain that suddenly disappears without causal therapy usually goes away Flatulence out. The intestinal gases can cause the pain if significant amounts of the gases are present or if the gases cannot pass through the intestines for any reason. When the passage of gases enters and these either continue to distribute in the intestine or leave the intestine as winds, the abdominal pain often improves spontaneously.

An improvement in the symptoms is typical when the digestion of the food progresses. So the complaints are common worst after eating, while these occur less strongly in the morning. A spontaneous improvement in symptoms caused by serious illnesses can also be explained.

There are diseases that are associated with so-called colic-like symptoms. These occur in bursts. An improvement in the symptoms with a subsequent severe deterioration can therefore be an indication of the existence of such a disease. These symptoms can occur, for example, in the context of an intestinal obstruction.

In contrast to symptoms caused by flatulence, colic-like pains are largely independent of the position and occur regardless of whether the person concerned is sitting, lying or standing.

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Abdominal pain gets better when you sit - what can it be?

There is no typical cause for abdominal pain that gets better sitting down. However, it may be that a inflammation present in the body, the symptoms of which are more severe with physical activity and then subside when you are at rest (for example when sitting).

Abdominal pain gets worse when sitting - what can it be?

Abdominal pain, which indicates an acute disease of internal organs, usually persists regardless of body position. Abdominal pain, which occurs mainly when sitting, often has Flatulence as the cause. Flatulence, in turn, can have numerous causes (Also read: Causes of Flatulence). They are often related to what was previously eaten. For example, beans and onions are said to have strong flatulence properties. If the abdominal pain occurs when sitting, especially shortly after eating, flatulence is a relatively likely cause. Trousers that are too tight or badly fitting can also be the cause of abdominal pain, which mainly occurs when sitting.

Abdominal pain right / left

The exact localization of the abdominal pain is an important point in the diagnosis. The location at which the pain occurs can provide an indication of whether the symptoms are a symptom of a serious illness or whether it is more likely that intestinal gases are the cause of the symptoms.

If the symptoms are frequent Change position and occur sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right, flatulence is a likely cause of the abdominal pain. Even if the complaints on the respective side only occur while sitting, intestinal gases are often responsible for the pain. Nevertheless, intestinal gases can also be the cause of a one-sided occurrence.

In addition to a division into right and left, a division into Upper, middle and lower abdomen respectively. Depending on whether the symptoms appear on the right or left in one of these areas, a suspected diagnosis can be made. Typical for a Appendicitis is for example a pain development in the center of the abdomen at the level of the navel and a migration of the pain down to the right. stomach pain are usually on Upper abdomen localized on the left side.

If the Abdominal pain in the middle are the strongest, this may be an indication of an inflammation of the stomach lining.

However, in very few cases, simply specifying the location can provide the final diagnosis. In addition to the localization, the type and extent of the pain and the result of further diagnostics are also relevant for the diagnosis.

Seated abdominal pain during pregnancy

Seated abdominal pain can also occur during pregnancy.

Abdominal pain, which in the course of pregnancy are very common. They can and are caused by a variety of different causes mostly harmless. In most cases, however, the abdominal pain occurs regardless of position and are not influenced by sitting or lying down. In pregnant women, too, with abdominal pain that occurs exclusively or more often while sitting, it can be assumed that this is caused by flatulence.

Stretching various Tapes and Muscles, the growth of the child, Exercise contractions, a possible Ectopic pregnancy, Infections, or cysts are other possible causes of the symptoms. The weight of the child can change the symptoms, depending on the body position. Especially with pregnant women, if symptoms persist for a long time and if the pain is very severe, a doctor should be consulted for clarification.


The treatment of the respective abdominal pain that occurs while sitting depends on the therapy of the disease causing the symptoms. As in most cases Flatulence are the cause of the occurrence of the complaints should first be a Body position change to be undertaken. Also one massage the stomach and thus the intestines can help to relieve the flatulence. If flatulence occurs frequently and causes discomfort, an intolerance analysis can help reduce the discomfort.

If the symptoms persist for a long time and if the pain is very severe, or if colic pain occurs in waves, a doctor should be consulted immediately for diagnosis. If necessary, he or she can initiate therapy immediately after the diagnosis, refer to a specialist or give the all-clear.