Active ingredient: Nonivamide; Nicoboxil; Capsaicin / Cayenne pepper thick extract


Finalgon is available as an ointment and cream.

Finalgon® is a drug that is used in 3 different dosages with partly different active ingredients as an ointment or cream is available. Depending on the preparation, it is used to stimulate blood circulation in the skin, for example to stimulate blood circulation before taking blood, to produce heat in the skin, muscle and connective tissue and to relieve pain (analgesia) in sore muscles.

Two of the 3 preparations contain the combination of active ingredients Nonivamide, which is a synthetically manufactured variant of the Capsaicins is and Nicoboxil the third preparation contains in different high doses Cayenne pepper thick extract.

Finalgon® has been on the market since 1951, although its composition has been partially changed since then.

It is available from the pharmacy without a prescription.

Side effects

The mentioned Side effects refer to all 3 Finalgon® preparations.

When using Finalgon ® Creme it can lead to a allergic hypersensitivity reaction come through, among other things:

  • itching
  • Redness
  • Blistering
  • Wheal formation

can show. It should be noted here that fair-skinned people are generally more sensitive to creams such as Finalgon®. Short-term paresthesia can also occur after application.

Long-term use on the same parts of the body can lead to reversible disorders / failures of sensitive nerves come.

If accidentally applied to the Mucous membranes can it to Inflammation lead that usually fade away. If Finalgon® accidentally gets into the eyes, it may be temporarily too Visual disturbances and Burn come. If too much Finalgon® cream has been applied, the excess cream can spread on the skin Skin cream or Cooking oil, on the eye with vaseline removed.


While using Finalgon ® you can physical activity, sweat and external heat exposure Enhance the warming effect triggered by Finalgon ®, even after days such activities can reactivate the warmth that has been set.


Finalgon ® ointment 4 mg nonivamide / g ointment + 25 mg nicoboxil / g ointment serves to promote blood circulation. About 10 minutes before a scheduled one Blood collection a strip of ointment 1-2 cm in length should be applied to the affected area and rubbed in. Before blood is taken, the remnants of the ointment are wiped off and the skin area is disinfected. This type of blood collection is made from the Fingertip or that Earlobe. Whoever applies the ointment should be there Disposable gloves wear.

Finalgon ® warming cream strong (1.7 mg nonivamide / g + 10.8 mg nicoboxil / g) is used to stimulate blood circulation in the case of muscle and joint problems. To rub in a palm-sized part of the body, an approximately 0.5 cm long strip of Finalgon ® Stark ointment should be used and rubbed in. Since even small amounts can have a significant effect, only one should be used at the beginning very small area of ​​skin with a very small amount of ointment be coated. The heat stimulus then works for about 3-6 hours, depending on the sensitivity of the patient, the effect can also after days come to light when it is triggered again by muscle work or sweating. It is advisable to particularly sensitive people when applying the ointment Disposable gloves to wear.

Finalgon ® CDP warming cream (26.5 mg cayenne pepper thick extract / 50g cream) is used to relieve muscle pain. For this purpose, a strand of ointment measuring around 2 cm can be applied to the affected area and massaged in up to 3 times a day. The cream should no longer than 3 weeks in the same place should be applied before a new application in the same place Application break of 2 weeks have been complied with.

Application and indication

Finalgon ® ointment 4 mg nonivamide / g ointment + 25 mg nicoboxil / g ointment is used to localize for a better blood flow to the skin and subcutaneous tissue to take care of, for example on Earlobe before taking a blood sample at this point so that sufficient blood can be obtained.

Finalgon ® warming cream strong (1.7 mg nonivamide / g + 10.8 mg nicoboxil / g) can at Muscle and joint discomfort can be used to prevent heat generation and improved blood flow Relieve tension.

Finalgon ® CDP warming cream (26.5 mg cayenne pepper thick extract / 50g cream) can provide mild to moderate relief Muscle aches in the field of Shoulder as well as the cervical and lumbar spine Find application.


Finalgon ® must not be used with a previously known one Hypersensitivity to nonivamide, nicoboxil or cayenne pepper thick extract.

The cream shouldn't be on inflamed areas of the skin or Skin abrasions and Wounds be applied. A contact with Mucous membranes and especially the eyes should be avoided.

With children under 12 years as well as women in pregnancy and breast feeding period Finalgon ® should if possible due to a lack of experience Not can be applied.


20 grams of Finalgon ® ointment 4mg / g + 25mg / g cost 9.97 euros.

50 grams of Finalgon ® Warming Cream Strong cost 9.97 euros.

50 grams of Finalgon ® CPD warming cream cost 9.97 euros.