Home remedies for otitis media


The symptoms of otitis media can usually be alleviated somewhat with home remedies.

In the case of otitis media (medical: Otitis media) is a painful disease of the middle ear. The tympanic cavity becomes infected with bacteria or viruses, which is associated with the typical symptoms of inflammation. This usually leads to severe pain, ringing in the ears and, depending on the progression of the disease, to a discharge of purulent secretion from the ear canal. There are a number of different home remedies that are popular for treating acute otitis media. It should be noted that the illness itself cannot be cured by giving home remedies alone. Because the inflammation takes place in the tympanic cavity and is therefore closed to the outside, home remedies cannot penetrate the area of ​​the inflammation. However, using home remedies may relieve the discomfort and have a soothing effect on surrounding areas.

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In general, however, a doctor should be consulted if an acute otitis media is suspected. The individual therapy should then be discussed with him. If there is a desire to use certain home remedies for a therapy against the inflammation, this can also be asked about the harmlessness of the remedies in question. In no case should acute otitis media be treated with home remedies alone without consulting a doctor. Since inflammation affects an important sensory organ in the human body, therapy should be carried out under medical supervision to prevent complications that would endanger the sensitive organ.

Symptoms of otitis media

The symptoms of acute otitis media are from severe pain embossed on the affected side. These appear as throbbing, pulsating pains in the ear and temple. Fever can also accompany the inflammation. Often one will also go Hearing loss, Ringing in the ears or a Bloating associated with acute otitis media.

Even if Home remedies Cannot fight the cause of the inflammation, in some cases it can be mainly used to Symptom relief can be used. For example, a treatment with warmth in acute otitis media felt to be pleasant and is often used.

What resources are there?

Many home remedies are said to have healing effects that are supposed to help combat acute otitis media. However, according to current scientific opinion, none of the known home remedies can eliminate the cause of the disease. They can still help to alleviate the symptoms that are usually associated with acute otitis media and thus make the course of the disease a little more pleasant.

A particularly well-known home remedy is the use of the kitchen onion. In different applications, this should help to treat the inflammation effectively. In particular, so-called onion or chamomile sachets are often used at home. Chopped onions or chamomile flowers are put in a bag made of thin fabric or in a tea towel and attached to the affected ear for a certain time. The vapors of the onion and the calming effect of the chamomile are said to disinfect the affected organ and have an antibacterial effect.

Sometimes it is also recommended to put onion juice directly into the ear canal. This is not recommended in any case. Since the inflammation takes place in the middle ear and therefore the external auditory canal is separated from the affected middle ear by the eardrum, the juice applied there cannot get to the place where it could develop its expected effect. If the eardrum is already damaged and the onion juice gets into the middle ear, it can happen that the course of the disease worsens. With the onion juice, pathogens also get into the middle ear and under certain circumstances cause the inflammation to worsen.

In addition to the onion, the active ingredients in garlic are also believed to have a healing effect on acute otitis media. Garlic is especially popular as a home remedy and is placed as a whole toe in the external auditory canal. A healing effect from the garlic, as with the onion, is very unlikely, which is why treatment with garlic cannot be recommended.

Another substance that is often trickled into the external ear canal and that is said to have healing properties is Tea tree oil. Even the tea tree oil cannot penetrate the eardrum and in the worst case can aggravate the course of the disease by spreading germs if the eardrum is destroyed.

A treatment with so-called red light felt. The red light makes the person affected Place treated with heat. The same effect can be achieved if a Hot water bottle filled with hot water and placed on the affected area. It is important not to expose the affected area to the warming measures for too long. There is no scientifically proven background that the course of the disease is favored by such a therapy. However, there is nothing wrong with warming the affected area with red light or a hot water bottle, if this measure relieves the symptoms.

A home remedy that can effectively relieve a common symptom of acute otitis media Calf wrap. In this method, wet cloths are tied around the calves and thus effectively lower the body temperature of the person concerned.

Also chewing chewing gum can favor the course of the disease. Since the ear trumpet is swollen in an acute otitis media and therefore no ventilation of the middle ear can take place, chewing gum can help to restore this burden and thus to shorten the course of the disease under certain circumstances.

For all of the home remedies listed, the Use is best discussed with a doctor should be so that the ideal healing process does not stand in the way.

When to the doctor

Medical advice

Home remedies alone should never be used without consulting a doctor can be used in self-therapy for acute otitis media. It is too dangerous for the inflammation to progresssymptoms worsen and complications may arise.

For this reason, people who experience the typical symptoms of acute otitis media should definitely consult a doctor. The attending physician can also best assess the use of home remedies and give tips on which home remedies may actually have a positive influence on the course of the disease. Going to the doctor should not be avoided just because it is suspected that immediate antibiotic therapy will be prescribed. Antibiotics won't always be immediatetherapy recommended, but in some cases it may be useful to wait and see if the immune system can fight the inflammation on its own.

Otitis media in pregnancy

During pregnancy, attempts are often made not to take certain medications, as these can be dangerous for the pregnancy, for the mother or for the child. In the case of an acute otitis media that occurs during pregnancy, a doctor should be consulted for this reason and no self-therapy be performed. The attending physician should be informed about the pregnancy so that he can initiate an accurate therapy. Since complications in a pregnant woman should be avoided at all costs, otitis media therapy is particularly important.
The Therapy of choice in an acute one Otitis media are Antibiotics. It should be noted that a number of antibiotics pose no danger to mother or child during pregnancy and can be taken without hesitation.
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In a conversation with the doctor, worries can be expressed and, under certain circumstances, these can be resolved. Therapy with home remedies alone to combat acute otitis media during pregnancy cannot be recommended, as home remedies cannot favor the course of the disease and, in the worst case, even worsen the individual situation.