Comb muscle (M. pectineus)


Latin: Pectineus muscle
English: pectineus muscle


The comb muscle belongs to the adductor group of the thigh. It is located in the upper thigh towards the middle and extends roughly from the anterior middle pelvis (pubic bone) to the upper inner thigh bone. When the muscle contracts, it pulls the thigh towards the center of the body, which is known as adduction, but it can also bend it, which is known as flexion in the hip joint.


Approach: "Comb muscle line" on the upper inner Thighbones (Linea pectinea femoris)

Origin: Pubic bone

Innervation: Femoral nerve and obturator nerve (L2, L3)


The direction of the muscle course can be described as of top center front (Pubic bone) after bottom outside back (Approach to the thigh bone) summarize. When the muscle contracts, it can therefore fulfill three different functions:
The course from above slightly downwards allows him to lift his thigh upwards, for example while standing. One speaks of one diffraction (Flexion) in the hip joint.
Because the muscle primarily runs from the center of the body outwards, it fulfills one of its main functions Adduction. So he is able to pull the thigh towards the middle of the body.
Finally, due to its slightly retrograde course (from front to back), the muscle can follow the thigh turn outside. Imagine the following: You grip the back of your right upper arm with your left hand and pull. This causes the right arm to rotate outwards.

common illnesses

Overloading can lead to typical muscle injuries such as strain, Torn hamstring or more complete Muscle tear come. (Tendon) irritations can also occur.
Footballers in particular often complain about a "Adductor strain"This can affect the comb muscle, among other things.

Strengthening and stretching

There are two ways to stretch the inside of the thigh and thus the comb muscle. The athlete is about in double shoulder width (Straddle step) and the tips of your feet point forward. The body weight is now shifted to one side so that the leg on the side to be stretched is almost fully stretched, while the other leg is bent in the knee joint. The upper body should be kept as straight as possible.
The second variant takes place while sitting. The soles of both feet touch while the knee joints are pushed towards the floor.

The comb muscle can be strengthened in the fitness studio on the equipment provided for this purpose ("adductor machine"). Here the leg is guided inwards against a counterweight or resistance.
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