Roux En Y bypass

Synonyms in the broader sense

Stomach reduction, gastroplastics, sleeve stomach, Roux En Y bypass, small intestine bypass, biliopancreatic version according to SCOPINARO, billiopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, gastric balloon, gastric pacemaker


Roux-en-Y bypass is a slightly more complicated operation; Here not only the stomach is made smaller, but also the passage through the small intestine is changed.

With the Roux En Y Bypass as a stomach reduction, a forestomach is also formed so that the patient is satisfied more quickly while eating.

Procedure of the operation

In addition, with the Roux En Y Bypass technique, a loop of the small intestine is sewn onto the forestomach, so that the food bypasses part of the small intestine and thus less nutrients are absorbed from the food.

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In order for the digestive juices to get to food despite the bypassing of the duodenum, another loop of the small intestine must be sewn on, which feeds the digestive juices about 1-1.5 m after the other loop.
This loop then leads from the 12 finger intestine (which is actually the continuation of the stomach) to the other loop. This technique deliberately leads to poor reception (Malabsorption) of food. This means that the Roux En Y Bypass technique leads to faster and greater weight loss than the purely restrictive methods such as the gastric band.

Patients can resume eating solid foods around four weeks after the operation. Most patients report nausea after consuming sweets, this can be explained by the disturbed digestive tract. With this technique too, vitamin B12, minerals and protein must be supplemented for life after the operation.