Vagisan® refers to a group of vaginal therapeutics from Dr. Wolff Group GmbH. Vagisan® products are mainly used for vaginal dryness and repeated vaginal infections in the form of creams, shampoos, capsules or vaginal suppositories. Depending on the product, their effect is based on different mechanisms.

Vagisan® products containing lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria

Vagisan® products containing lactic acid or lactic acid bacteria are used to regulate the lactic acid content of the vagina and to promote a healthy vaginal flora. The main area of ​​application is therefore the follow-up treatment or prevention of chronic or recurrent bacterial vaginosis (including aminocolpitis, bacterial inflammation of the vaginal mucosa). However, these products are unsuitable for the treatment of acute vaginal inflammation (vaginitis).

Vaginsan® against vaginal thrush

Vagisan® is a brand name under which several products for female intimate hygiene are available. Some are used to prevent fungal infections of the vagina, others are used for therapy when an infection has already occurred.
Vagisan Myko Kombi is a preparation consisting of a vaginal suppository and a vaginal cream. The vaginal suppository contains clotrimazole and is used against vaginal thrush. The cream is used in particular to relieve itching and burning. A single application of the vaginal suppository with the anti-fungal agent should be enough to treat a simple vaginal yeast infection. The cream is usually used over several days.

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Vagisan® for vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common consequence of menopause and the associated lack of estrogen. This leads to vaginal atrophy (tissue shrinkage), i.e. the regression of the mucous membrane. Other causes can also include medication, excessive intimate hygiene, smoking, breastfeeding, or surgical interventions (such as removing the ovaries before menopause). Symptoms of vaginal dryness include vuvovaginal dryness, burning, itching, and painful intercourse. It also poses a risk of vaginal infectious diseases. Estrogens (estradiol, estriol, promestrial), but also humidifiers such as Vagisan® Moisturizing Cream can be used for treatment.

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Flora of the vagina

A healthy vaginal mucous membrane is mostly colonized by beneficial bacteria, the Döderlein rods (bacteria) named after their discoverer. By producing lactic acid, these ensure an acidic environment (pH <4.5). In addition to them, other bacteria (e.g. E. coli and streptococci) also occur in comparatively small numbers. Their excessive reproduction is prevented by the lactic acid production of the Döderlein flora.

The vaginal environment can be disturbed due to a number of causes, above all excessive vaginal hygiene, foreign bodies, frequent sexual intercourse and prolonged use of antibiotics, but also surgical procedures or childbirth. This leads to an imbalance between Döderlein sticks and other bacteria.

Vaginosis often remains asymptomatic and goes unnoticed. However, the pH shift can also lead to an unpleasant odor (fluorous vaginalis) or ultimately to vaginitis (increased form of vaginosis). This is accompanied by itching, pain of a reddened mucous membrane and vaginal discharge.


Vagisan® products containing lactic acid therefore target one Normalization of the vaginal pH environment by the direct addition of lactic acid. It makes sense to use them when the vaginal flora is still intact. The use of lactic acid bacteria suppositories, however, is recommended if the Döderlein flora is already permanently damaged.


Before use, it should be noted that Vagisan® is at a known Hypersensitivity against Lactic acid, Sodium lactate or Macrogol should not be used. Vagisan® should also only be used during puberty after consulting a doctor, as there is not yet sufficient experience with this age group.
The use of Vagisan® in girls before puberty is not recommended because the vaginal flora has not yet fully developed at this point. When used during pregnancy or Lactation there are no concerns.

The application should, as in the Instructions for use described. Generally it should last for 5 to 7 days one suppository daily be used. The vaginal suppository will be inserted as deep as possible into the vagina with the cleaned finger in the evening; a supine position with slightly drawn-up legs is advantageous. If the vagina is dry, the suppository can be moistened with water beforehand. It is recommended to use panty liners during the application period, as an increased, but harmless, discharge can occasionally occur.

Side effects in the form of weak skin reactions (Itching, burning, reddening of the skin) rarely occurs, but should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible.

Moist cream

Vagisan® Moisturizing Cream is especially important Vaginal dryness to use. she is without prescription available and has a moisturizing effect. In addition, Vagisan® is advertised with its moisturizing effect, which is based on the lipids (fats) it contains. The moisturizer does not contain any fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

Vagisan® moisturizing cream Cremolum

Vagisan® Moist Cream Cremolum is a vaginal suppository against vaginal dryness.
Especially in women going through menopause, hormonal changes lead to vaginal dryness. To combat this there is Vagisan® Moist Cream. It provides moisture and at the same time has a greasy component. It is hormone-free. Vagisan® Moisturizing Cream is inserted into the depth of the vagina using an applicator. For women who find it uncomfortable to use such an applicator, there is Vagisan® Moist Cream Cremolum. These are vaginal capsules that can be inserted into the vagina without an applicator. It can be used daily or just 2-3 times a week. For this purpose, a vaginal suppository should be inserted into the vagina before going to bed. Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is possible.
16 pieces of Vagisan® Moist Cream Cremolum cost just under 12 euros. The daily therapy costs are thus around 70 cents. The preparation does not require a prescription, so it can also be purchased without a prescription. However, if you submit a prescription, the costs are reduced to 5 euros per prescription.


Vagisan® is a line of products that sell several preparations for the treatment or prevention of vaginal infections with fungi.
The suppositories include Vagisan® lactic acid. The suppositories are supposed to acidify the vaginal environment. An acidic environment provides protection against infection in the vagina. If the environment is no longer acidic enough, repeated infections can occur. The lactic acid suppositories should be used for 5-7 days. For this purpose, a suppository should be inserted as deep as possible into the vagina in the evening. In addition, Vagisan® offers a vaginal suppository in a combination preparation for the treatment of a fungal infection (preparation Vagisan® Myko Kombi).
7 pieces of Vagisan lactic acid vaginal suppositories cost about 13 euros. The daily therapy costs amount to just under 2 euros. The suppositories can be purchased without a prescription, but a prescription can be submitted, then the costs are reduced to 5 euros per prescription.

Myko station wagon

Vagisan® Myko Kombi contains 2 products. On the one hand a vaginal suppository, on the other hand a vaginal ointment.
The vaginal suppository contains the active ingredient clotrimazole which acts against fungal infections. It is inserted into the vagina by hand. There it slowly dissolves and forms a kind of cream together with the vaginal fluid. In addition to acting against the fungus, this also provides relief from itching and burning sensation inside the vagina. The suppository should be used in the evening. It only needs to be used once, which is usually enough to treat a yeast infection. Use during menstruation is not recommended.
The 2nd product from Vagisan® Myko Kombi is a vaginal cream. It should be used twice a day in the outer vaginal area. It is primarily used to alleviate the symptoms associated with the fungal infection, such as itching and burning. The use of the vaginal cream is recommended for a week, but can be continued for another 2 weeks.
Possible side effects include burning or stinging, and redness in the vagina. In rare cases, allergic reactions including life-threatening anaphylactic shock can occur.
1 pack of Vagisan Myko Kombi costs just under 9 euros. The costs are determined online at one of the cheaper mail-order pharmacies. The preparation is available in pharmacies without a prescription.


Vagisan® offers both capsules for oral use and capsules for local use in the vagina.
The oral capsules include the Vagisan Biotin lacto capsules, which are intended to stabilize the vaginal environment. The Vagisan® vaginal capsules contain lactic acid bacteria and are intended to restore the acidic vaginal environment. The vaginal capsules are especially suitable for women in whom the vaginal flora is permanently disturbed and needs to be rebuilt. The application should take place over 8-10 days, but is also possible over a longer period of time. One capsule should be inserted as deep as possible into the vagina in the evening. The Vagisan® lactic acid bacteria are available in packs of 10, the pack costs around 16 euros. The daily therapy costs are therefore around 1.60 euros. The preparation can be purchased without a prescription. However, if a prescription is submitted, the price is reduced to 5 euros per prescription.

Biotin lacto

Vagisan® Biotin lacto are capsules that are to be taken orally. They contain biotin and lactic acid bacteria and are supposed to stabilize the environment of the vaginal mucous membrane. Vagisan® Biotin lacto is considered a dietary supplement. One capsule should be swallowed whole with a sip of water daily. It can also be used during pregnancy.
30 pieces of biotin lacto capsules from Vagisan® cost just under 19 euros. The daily costs are thus around 60 cents.

Intimate wash lotion

The Vagisan® intimate washing lotion is a gentle washing lotion that is used to cleanse the external intimate area. This has to do with the fact that disturbances in the external genital area, for example due to incorrect care, can also affect the inside of the vagina. For example, there may be more infections. Vagisan® Intimate Wash Lotion is used daily like a normal wash lotion in the intimate area. 100 ml of Vagisan® intimate wash lotion cost just under 6 euros. It is available without a prescription.

Application and side effects

Moisturizers like Vagisan® only work symptomatic, have no influence on the cause of vaginal dryness. Usually, Vagisan® Moisturizer is used once a day. If the symptoms improve, the frequency of use can be reduced. The use of a panty liner during application time is recommended.

A slight stinging sensation after applying the moisturizer is completely harmless.Such side effects will occur with the use of Gels in the genital area frequently observed. If the burning sensation is very strong and the burning sensation persists for more than 5 - 10 minutes, further use is not recommended. The intimate area should then be washed with lukewarm water. When used over a long period of time, it is also partially used by one Habituation effect or even increasing dryness of the vaginal mucosa has been reported.

The Condom safety is not affected during the application time of the moisturizer. Use during pregnancy or breastfeeding is also harmless.