Organ donation card

What is an organ donor card?

Organ donation cards affect people of all ages. According to a current survey, only around a third of Germans have an ID. The majority of them do not feel adequately informed.

An organ donation card can save lives. It assumes that you are during his lifetime with the topic of death and organ donation has dealt more closely. Regardless of which decision is made, the organ donation card keeps track of it and enables clarity in situations involving a possible organ donation.
The general willingness to donate organs and tissues can be noted on the ID card. So you agree to eitherr completely approves or contradicts her. But it is also possible that Limit donation to specific organs and tissues or to object to their removal.
Should your own decision change over time, the old organ donor card will be destroyed and the change recorded in a new card. The To complete succeeds unbureaucratically and within a few minutesonce the owner has made a decision based on his conscience. The ID should be kept with the personal papers.

Who needs an organ donor card?

More than 10,000 people in Germany are as Recipient for a donor organ listed. Since the number of donors has hardly increased in recent years, the number of people waiting remains at a similar level. Many of them diebefore a suitable donor can be found.
The donor organs heart, liver and lungs are directly lifesaving. The donation of kidneys and pancreas significantly reduces the suffering of those affected.
In addition to organs, can also tissue, such as the corneas of the eyes are donated. In this way, some people's eyesight can be restored.
A Organ donation card helps not just the potential recipient, but also supports relatives and treating doctors in their decision-making in a difficult situation. If the person concerned deals with the subject of organ and tissue donation while they are still alive, they can do one individual and free decision meet according to his conscience.
If this does not happen, those close to them are forced to put themselves in the shoes of the potential donor in such a situation. In a situation that is not easy anyway, this can mean a particular burden.
According to the Transplant Act adolescents are allowed from 16 years have an organ donation card. From the age of 14, it can be specified in writing which organs and tissues should not be removed.

Where can I get an organ donor card?

An organ donor card is free available. In many medical practices and pharmacies, the ID cards are made available for you to take away.
In 2012, the federal government passed the law regulating decision-making, which is intended to encourage willingness to donate. Since send the respective Health insurance From the age of 16, an organ donation card together with an information sheet. This happens every two years.
Together with the identification documents, also hand them Passport and registration offices Organ donor cards out. The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) provides the organ donation card on its website as digitized document to fill in yourself ready.
Also a informal sheet of paper serves as a possible form of approval or rejection of an organ or tissue donation.

Can I order or fill in the ID online?

The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) offers a special service on its website. Of the Organ donation card can be downloaded as a PDF document and Fill in yourself available. It is an interactive version that can be labeled online.
An organ donor card to be extracted can be requested online together with an information flyer in the BZgA's ordering system.
The organ donor card is in different languages (Turkish and English), as well as in a simplified language version.