Advertising flash layer

Function of the flash layer

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the functionality and possibilities of the Flash Layer.

Of the Flash layer is a particularly eye-catching form of advertising. For a period of max. A promotional film or banner is placed over the content of the website in 7 seconds. The maximum size of the layer is 640 x 480 pixels, but can be set individually.

Other forms of advertising

You can find information on other forms of advertising on our website:


All prices are in the unit 1000 W.heritageacalls (CPM) billed. All prices are exclusive of statutory VAT.

Form of advertising

Price per CPM


7,50 €


5,00 €

Wide skyscraper

5,00 €

Flash layer

12,50 €


12,50 €

Text advertising

on demand


on demand

Book advertising

You can book advertising space in all areas!

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