Drawing pain in the abdomen


Pulling in the abdomen or lower abdominal pain were often seen in the past as a "woman's ailment". Often these complaints are also associated with the female genital organs. For example, they can occur depending on the cycle or during pregnancy, or they can be an indication of gynecological diseases such as inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes (Adnexitis) or ovarian cysts.

But even in men, pain or pulling in the abdomen is becoming more common. This can be caused by hernias, testicular torsion (a dangerous twisting of the testicle) or inflammation of the prostate.

In general, pulling in the lower abdomen can also occur due to constipation, urinary stones, urinary tract infections, appendicitis or sigmoid diverticulitis.

However, a slight tug in the abdomen without any accompanying symptoms is usually harmless and should not be a cause for concern. However, if there is a fever, severe pain, malaise or bleeding, a doctor should definitely be consulted.


Drawing in the abdomen is itself only a symptom and can many causes to have. For further clarification, it is therefore important to know since when the pull has existed, whether it has cycle-dependent is (in women), with changed vaginal fluorine (discharge) or fever (suspected inflammation of the genital organs) whether an intact pregnancy is present or whether it is a Miscarriage or one Ectopic pregnancy acts.
It is also important whether that Pulling occurred suddenly is (ovarian cyst) whether nausea or Vomit, Diarrhea or Stool retention is present (suspicion of bowel problems).

At Men should the Testicles and the prostate to be examined. Pulling in the lower abdomen alone, without any accompanying symptoms, is usually harmless and should be treated with local warmth and calm. However, if you have any of the other symptoms mentioned above, you should definitely consult a doctor.


One cause for Drawing in the abdomen in women there can be cycle-dependent changes in the body, for example as a result of the Ovulation, in the context of menstrual cramps or a Endometriosis. Cycle-independent causes are, for example, large ovarian cysts, which are not dangerous in themselves, but can cause severe pain in the event of a stalk twisting and require emergency surgery.

Other causes of lowering may be a pregnancy be, as well as a threatening one Miscarriage or one Ectopic pregnancy. A miscarriage is usually accompanied by severe pain and bleeding. An ectopic pregnancy also manifests itself primarily through strong Abdominal pain.

One cause for Pulling in the lower abdomen in men can a Testicular torsion be, that is, one Rotation of the stem of the testicle. This is an absolute emergency that must be operated on as quickly as possible. But also one Prostate inflammation or a Inguinal hernia can be felt as a pulling in the abdomen.

Other, common causes of pulling and lower abdominal pain can be Constipation or Kidney stones be. Also one Appendicitis or one Sigmoid diverticulitis (Inflammation of protuberances in the intestinal mucosa) can be felt as a pulling in the lower abdomen.

Menstruation and ovulation

In the middle of their cycle, at the time of ovulation, some women notice a slight pulling in the lower abdomen, on the side of the active ovary. Other women experience ovulation as a sudden, brief, colicky pain, while other women do not feel ovulation at all.

Menstrual cramps can also manifest as pulling in the lower abdomen. They usually start shortly before the next period, intensify in the first two days of the period and then subside again. Menstrual cramps usually last until menopause, but are usually harmless. The trigger for menstrual pain is an increased secretion of prostaglandins (tissue hormones), which in the uterus lead to a contraction of the spiral arteries and thus to a rejection of the built-up uterine lining. An increased release of these substances increases the contraction and the rejection of the uterine lining is felt to be painful. Stress and emotional distress can make these symptoms worse.

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Endometriosis must be distinguished from normal menstrual cramps. It can also cause menstrual cramps and pulling in the lower abdomen. Endometriosis is a disease in which the lining of the uterus does not move into the pelvis, ovaries and fallopian tubes, or the abdominal cavity.
With each cycle there is then a painful bleeding of the uterine lining, which can manifest itself as a pulling in the abdomen up to pain in the abdomen and back.
Among other things, it can also cause pain when urinating, defecating, or having sex. The use of painkillers and those often contained in the contraceptive pill can help therapeutically Progestins.

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Pregnancy / labor

A Pulling in the lower abdomen can also reference a pregnancy be. In combination with a Tension in the breasts, darker Coloring of the nipples, fatigue, dizziness and feeling weak, it is considered an uncertain sign of early pregnancy (Pregnancy symptoms).

The Drawing in the abdomen is mostly on the hormonal change, the Loosening of the ligaments and the tissue and the increase in size of the uterus. The tension in the lower abdomen can also increase during pregnancy. The main reasons for this are that Growth of the uterusthat is now pulling more and more on the straps on which it is hung.

This can happen later in pregnancy Pulling in the lower abdomen also through the Movements of the child and often a sign of towards the end of pregnancy beginning contractions be.

A Tension in the abdomen during pregnancy is mostly harmless and shouldn't be a cause for concern. However, should colicky (convulsive) Pain, fever, nausea, Vomit, Diarrhea or Bleeding a doctor should be consulted as a matter of urgency - to rule out inflammation.

A Drawing in the abdomen, accompanied by vaginal bleeding or Back pain, can also be a reference for a impending miscarriage be. Here it is highly recommended to have one To see a doctor and do an ultrasound scan to monitor the child's heart activity. In the event of an impending miscarriage, hospitalization should be considered. In the case of a miscarriage that has already occurred, the embryo can be awaited spontaneously or it can be scraped off.

Another condition that can be accompanied by lowering and severe pain is that Ectopic pregnancy. Here the doctor gets the blood values and the urine control, as well as one Ultrasonic carry out. should that Beta HCG, a hormone, which proves a pregnancy, be elevated but not be seen in the ultrasound a fruit cavity is one Ectopic pregnancy very likely and must be operated on as soon as possible.

Drawing right and left in the abdomen

Right-hand pulling in the lower abdomen, in women, is most often cycle-related and may be due to a Ovulation (in the right ovary), or as part of menstrual cramps. A big cyst The right ovary may also appear as a pulling in the right lower abdomen.

If pain and fever occur in addition to the pulling in the lower abdomen, this can be due to a Inflammation of the right ovary or the renal pelvis. Also Kidney stones in the right kidney may appear as a pulling in the right lower abdomen. Pulling to the right in the lower abdomen accompanied by nausea and vomiting can indicate appendicitis and should definitely be checked by a doctor. If the pulling in the abdomen occurs shortly after heavy lifting and is accompanied by swelling in the groin, it can be an indication Inguinal hernia be. Inguinal hernias can occur both on the right and on the left.

Left-sided pull in the lower abdomen in women, as well as on the right, can occur during ovulation or menstrual cramps, if the left ovary is affected. A Inflammation of the left ovary or des Renal pelvis can also manifest itself in the form of pulling / pain in the left lower abdomen, accompanied by fever and malaise.

In older patients, a pull in the left lower abdomen can also be a sign of a Sigmoid diverticulitis be - that is, one Inflammation of intestinal diverticula (Protrusions of the intestinal mucosa). Diverticulum in the intestine usually arise due to a weakness of the connective tissue in the intestine and are favored by a low-fiber diet, overweight and little exercise. They are usually harmless, but they can become inflamed and be accompanied by pulling in the lower abdomen, pain, fever and stool retention. A Diverticulitis is treated with antibiotics in the hospital.

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- Drawing in the abdomen when coughing

A Drawing in the abdomen, especially when coughing, can be an indication for one Inguinal hernia be. Usually there is also one Swelling in the groin to notice. An inguinal hernia can result from too heavy lifting and a weakness of the abdominal muscles and is defined as a breakthrough of the internal organs through the abdominal wall into the inguinal canal. Here, the intestine can be everted out through the hernial opening and pinched. Coughing, pressing or sneezing can cause the hernia to grow in size and the pulling in the lower abdomen can become stronger. A Inguinal hernia should always medically clarified and treated surgically become.

Other causes

Other causes for Drawing in the abdomen in women, regardless of the cycle, can be large Ovarian cysts be a Inguinal hernia, or Inflammation of the genital organs (Fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus).

The above all serves for further clarification Ultrasonic and Blood tests. Taking antibiotics, for example, helps against inflammation or infections in the genital organs. In the case of ovarian cysts, surgical removal may be considered, as the cysts' stems may twist, combined with sudden, very severe pain that can be life-threatening. Also a Inguinal hernia should be treated surgically, as it can lead to life-threatening entrapment of the bowel.

Drawing in the abdomen in men

Drawing in the abdomen at the man can be a reference for a Inflammation of the prostate and should always be checked urologically.
Usually she goes with you fever, Painful urination, bloody urine, Pain and tightness in the groin and in the perineum and with pain during ejaculation. For further diagnostics, a digital rectal examination is carried out (palpation of the prostate with the finger through the anus), control of the blood values ​​and urine, ultrasound, and uroflowmetry.
If the suspicion of prostate inflammation is confirmed, this is Antibiotics treated.

Another cause for Drawing in the abdomen with the man it is Testicular torsion. This is a twisting of the testicle around the spermatic cord and is an absolute one emergencywho must be operated on immediately.
It manifests itself as an initial pulling in the abdomen up to severe pain, accompanied by vegetative reactions such as sweating, nausea, vomiting, and even shock.

Very often in men one can Inguinal hernia pain in the lower abdomen and swelling in the groin. A Inguinal hernia should operational be treated.


Depending on the cause Pulling in the lower abdomen special tests are carried out. In any case, the doctor will anamnese to get a better overview of the situation and to exclude or differentiate possible causes. Usually a Ultrasonic done from the pelvis and abdomen, and blood drawn to check for inflammation and, in women, possible pregnancy. Depending on the cause, further special diagnostic and therapeutic measures are then carried out.


Depending on the cause, different therapeutic measures are taken. Can against menstrual cramps Painkiller and taking the pill provide relief. In the case of one twisted ovarian cyst, one Ectopic pregnancy, one Appendicitis or one Testicular torsion should be a emergency surgery should be considered.

In case of a Miscarriage, the fruit is expected to come off spontaneously, otherwise scraping (Abrasion) respectively. In the presence of intestinal problems, laxative measures can be initiated and treated symptomatically with anticonvulsant medication, antibiotics and pain relievers.